I am a painter of abstract landscapes, of places felt, sensed, experienced and desired.  scenes emerge from the melding of my unconscious with nature's mountains, rocks, waters, animals and trees.  Driven to create, i am compelled to give form and color to what i know and feel, as i find no peace until the unspoken settles into it's place on canvas.  I need to make worlds that are dynamic, balanced, mysterious and seductive.  when these deeper parts of myself resonate with the viewer i have succeeded in transmitting a life spark

i begin a painting with a web of color and line and proceed to play between chaos and structure.  when pieces begins to sing, then i release these semi-geological manifestations of my unconscious into the world.  i currently explore the forest's mysterious subterranean world where the minute hidden connections of life take place.  just as life is intricately connected below ground, i see myself as a bridge between each persons' hidden underground and nature's web of life that sustains us all. 




I have devoted most of my career to clay - beginning as a potter in my teens and expanding into architectural scale vessels and sculpture.  I founded Terraclay Studio in Santa Monica, California in the 1980’s and have taught ceramics privately and at the community college level to the present day.  several years ago I returned to painting to find free expression in color, line, and movement where the invisible body is brought forth and given form.  


B.A. Painting, Sculpture & Graphic Arts, UCLA


Independent Study:  Esther James, John Mason, William Shumway

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